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Whether you strive for more efficient dietary supplement manufacturing, need to develop a new market-leading product or want to optimize your existing health solution – you can rely on us. Tap into our technical expertise, extensive portfolio and cutting-edge capabilities, whether it’s delivering a sugar-free vegan gummy with better sensory experience, a plant-based softgel, masking bitter tastes or improving the manufacturing process. Discover how we can support you as your global, solutions-driven partner.

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Convenience for consumers

Convenience is vital for dietary supplement consumers. It allows seamless integration into daily routines, ensuring consistent use for desired health benefits. With busy lifestyles, convenience aligns with fast-paced routines, enabling on-the-go consumption and easy integration into various activities. We can help you with this. Discover our broad portfolio of functional ingredient solutions for on-the-go dietary supplement formulations.

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Customized release of the dietary ingredients

Customized release of the active ingredient in a dietary supplement can help optimize absorption, enable controlled delivery, achieve targeted action, minimize side effects, and provide an experience that meets consumers’ needs. We can support you every step of the way with the development of immediate, sustained and delayed-release supplements.

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Improved mouthfeel and sensory profile

Both mouthfeel and sensory perception contribute to the overall sensory experience of consuming a dietary supplement and can influence consumer preferences and acceptance. Create a positive mouthfeel experience every time with our pioneering portfolio of functional ingredients. Explore our sensory experience solutions for exceptional flavor and texture with every bite.

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Robust processing at low cost

We have the tools to optimize the manufacturing process of your dietary supplement product, without compromising on performance. Discover how we can simplify your processes and support cost-efficiencies.

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Plant-based solutions

Plant-based supplements are important for consumers as they are often perceived as being healthier and more sustainable. Plant-based supplements also align well with multiple dietary preferences and restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, or plant-focused diets. We’re powering a new era in supplement innovation where plant-based meets quality and performance.

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Ready to create appealing dietary supplements that deliver nutritional ingredients with success? We can support you – from choosing a functional ingredient, to health and label claims, nutritional dosage delivery and more. Connect with one of our experts today to learn how we can help to unlock the benefits and features you want in your next nutritional supplement.

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