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IFF’s Pharma Solutions has served the pharmaceutical industry with its unparalleled portfolio of polymers for over 70 years. As we see our customers investing in next generation biotherapeutics for rare and complex indications, we are also investing in our abilities to support the future of biotechnology. Our commitment to high-quality and well-characterized polymers extends from small molecules to large molecules, regenerative medicine and medical devices.

Our Pharma Solutions team has been serving biopharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, research institutes and tissue engineering innovators for decades with our NovaMatrix® portfolio of high-quality, ultrapure biopolymers. Backed by our robust expertise and innovation capabilities, we believe that our broad range of polymers can unlock more solutions for our customers in the areas of bioprocessing, the delivery of biologics and the regenerative medicine field.

Our biotechnology experts work collaboratively with our customers to advance the production and delivery of proteins, cell and gene therapies and vaccines.

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NovaMatrix® is our trusted portfolio of ultrapure and biocompatible polymer for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical industries. Our versatile portfolio is used for various purposes, spanning from drug delivery and tissue engineering to cell encapsulation and medical devices.

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METHONOVA™ is a plant-based, water-soluble biopolymer derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. METHONOVA™ is cell-compatible, including with mammalian cells, and can be easily (sterile) filtered. METHONOVA™ meets the exacting standards of our NovaMatrix® brand, and is suitable for use in the biotech industries, in applications such as cell assays, culture media and 3D bioprinting.

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Do you have questions for our biotechnology experts or are you interested in purchasing our biopolymers? Get in touch!


Do you have questions for our biotechnology experts or are you interested in purchasing our biopolymers? Get in touch!