Unlock greener innovation with plant-based excipients

As the preference for more sustainable and non-animal products grows globally, demand for plant-based ingredients and solutions continues to rise at a rapid rate. However, moving away from animal products, like gelatin, is not always easy – unless you partner with IFF’s Pharma Solutions.

We’re powering a new era in supplement innovation where plant-based meets performance. Our family of plant-based solutions is suitable for a vast range of nutritional formulations, from traditional hard and soft capsules, to gummies, chewable tablets and more. This means that you don’t need to compromise on quality, product function or process efficiency if you want to switch to a more sustainable solution that’s planet and consumer inspired.

Plant-based solutions

Our Solution*




Soft capsules

Clean-label and non-GMO alternative to gelatin for superior vegan softgels

GRINDSTED® Pectin Premium


Plant-based alternative to gelatin for vegan gummies with no or low sugar


Hard shell capsules

Cellulose-based solution for vegetarian hard capsules that is resistant to heat and humidity conditions and exhibits no cross-linking


Tablet matrix former 

Cellulosics for the controlled-release of nutritional ingredients; improving consumer experience by reducing number of tablets and efficacy

Avicel®, Endurance®

Tablet binder

Filler for capsules

Cellulose-based filler and tablet binder for formulation of small, high-quality tablets with low dusting and an efficient tableting process 

Ac-Di-Sol®, Accelerate®

Tablet Disintegrant

Non-GMO cellulose-based ingredient to rapidly disintegrate tablets and deliver nutritional ingredients faster  

Aquateric® N100

Delayed release coating system

Non-GMO, seaweed-based coating system to delay the release of nutritional ingredients for an enhanced consumer experience

Gelcarin®, Viscarin®


Red seaweed extract used for gelling, thickening and stabilizing


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

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