Appeal to consumers with on-the-go dietary supplements

Demand for health-boosting nutritional solutions that are effective, easy to use and incorporate easily into consumers’ fast-paced and busy lifestyles is at an all-time high; and convenience is the driving force behind product appeal in the health and nutrition industry.

Whether it’s inspiring on-the-go supplements, supporting with the creation of novel product formats or reducing the size of your tablets by combining multiple nutritional ingredients into one solution, IFF’s Pharma Solutions has the expertise and broad portfolio of functional ingredients needed to unlock convenient dietary supplements that consumers will love.

Convenience for consumers

Our Solution*



GRINDSTED® Pectin Premium


Support active consumers with a plant-based alternative to gelatin for vegan gummy supplements

Alginates (Protanal®, Manucol®, Protacid®)



Soft capsules

Natural hydrocolloids used for controlled-release dosage forms, delayed release functionality to reduce unpleasant aftertaste, microencapsulation and stabilization in solutions and suspensions

SeaGel® and VERDIGEL™ SC

Soft capsules

Clean-label, vegan and non-GMO alternative to gelatin; improved palatability of high dose nutritional ingredient






Highly versatile cellulose-derived ingredient used in solid or liquid supplement formats


Tablet coating


Controlled release

Coating for improved swallowability and branding; binder for immediate-release, and controlled-release of nutritional ingredients

Ac-Di-Sol® and Accelerate®

Accelerated release of nutritional ingredients

Non-GMO option for achieving fast disintegration at low use levels

Avicel® and Endurance®

Tablet binder

Capsule filler

Compression aid

Enables smaller tablets, stronger tablets with less dust formation and improved mouthfeel in chewable tablets. Higher compactibility in low concentration


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

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