IFF partners with Bellona to support kelp forest restoration in Norway

In partnership with environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) Bellona, IFF is supporting the revival of Norway’s seaweed forests for a greener, more sustainable future.

More to seaweed than meets the eye

Beneath the surface, seaweed is much more than the greenery that washes up on our shores. It is a habitat and a food source for marine life, and a key ingredient driving sustainable advancements in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and plant-based meat alternatives.

Seaweed forests in jeopardy

Norwegian seaweed forests are not as green as they once were. Home to over 300 species of invasive sea urchins, these underwater habitats have turned into desert-like “urchin barrens” due to ecological disruption caused by human activity. IFF is committed to re-establishing these often-forgotten underwater ecosystems through a kelp forest restoration project.

Partnering to restore Norway’s seaweed

Collaborating on the Norwegian Marine Restoration (NoMaRe) project, IFF and Bellona aim to restore 5,000 square kilometers of seaweed forest by managing invasive sea urchin predation. Drawing on over 60 years of sustainable seaweed harvesting, IFF brings expertise and financial support to the project, weaving a tapestry of sustainable change alongside businesses, NGOs, research communities and governments.

Building a greener future

The new partnership reflects our commitment to Do More Good and will deliver benefits beyond kelp forest restoration:

  1. Environmental: Restore marine biodiversity, enhance ecosystems and potentially increase biological carbon storage by 12 million tons – equivalent of Norway’s 2021 oil and gas emissions.
  2. Social: Create sustainable jobs, nurturing Norway’s marine economy.
  3. Governance: Raise awareness of the importance of restoring Norway’s marine ecosystem and help meet Norway's climate change objectives
  4. + Sustainable Solutions: Promoting sustainable seaweed-based products globally.


Learn more about our partnership with Bellona here.

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