Harness the power of advanced modified-release formulations

Today’s consumers want more than an effective supplement to achieve their health goals – they want to support their nutritional needs with fewer doses and better tolerance.

Our portfolio can help with the customization of dietary ingredient release – enabling complete control over the onset and duration of nutritional ingredient release in the body to enhance efficacy and consumer experience. This includes extended-release, delayed-release and immediate-release formulations to help deliver on this promise.

Tap into IFF’s Pharma Solutions’ decades of expertise and advanced knowledge of how to tailor ingredient release in a way that maximizes benefits, experience and convenience for consumers.

Customized functional ingredient release

Our Solution*



Manucol®, Protanal®


Natural hydrocolloids used for controlled-release and delayed-release applications



Hard capsules

Non-GMO, plant-based binder and film former for immediate and controlled-release tablets

Ac-Di-Sol® and Accelerate



Non-GMO option for achieving fast disintegration at low use levels

Aquateric® N-100

Coatings for hard capsules, soft capsules and tablets

Non-GMO, clean-label and sustainably sourced from seaweed for coating; resulting in delayed-release of nutritional ingredients


Tablet coatings for enteric release and immediate release

Non-GMO, clean-label and plant based pectin for enteric release and immediate release tablet coatings


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

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Our vast portfolio of solutions for the dietary supplement space is backed by decades of expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges you face. Download our technical papers to find a functional ingredient that works for you.

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