Welcome to our “Timing is Everything” platform where you can learn about pharmaceutical formulations to benefit patients and the importance of controlled release of active ingredients.

No developer of controlled release mechanisms has deeper experience, a broader record of innovations, or more controlled release products than Pharma Solutions.

Our decades of multidisciplinary collaboration has equipped formulators with a wide range of drug release options. Our technologies offer optimum efficacy, safety, and reliability for customers’ APIs.

Timing is Everything

For sustaining the right level of API in the bloodstream, timing is everything. Controlled release—the ability to manage when and for how long a medication is released—has revolutionized treatment outcomes.

Pharma Solutions stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering unparalleled expertise and a legacy of excellence spanning more than 70 years.

Pharma Solutions
Trailblazing Solutions

From creating the original METHOCEL™ CR grades for controlled release to collaborating on the first osmotic pump technology, we’ve led the way in controlled release.

Our portfolio includes METHOCEL™ CR grades, ETHOCEL™, one of the oldest and most proven excipient brands in the world—and POLYOX™, a fast swelling, versatile solution for unique challenges.

These controlled release systems are customizable for specific needs. Whether it's matrix tablets, gastro-retentive tablets, or barrier membrane-coated pellets or tablets, we deliver solutions that optimize drug efficacy and safety.

Innovating for Tomorrow

Our commitment to innovation extends to everyday advancements and future-focused research. We continuously refine our excipients and explore new technologies to meet evolving medical needs.

Global Support

We prioritize success within the shortest time frame, bringing value to all our stakeholders.

Pharma Solutions combines building blocks for customer success:

  • Broad portfolio of controlled release excipients
  • Global supply chain efficiency
  • Superior technical support
  • Manufacturing excellence with QbD options
  • Premium quality and batch to batch reliability
  • Regulatory guidance to accelerate market delivery

It’s about time

We’re experts providing excipients that control API delivery time and location of vital APIs for maximum therapeutic benefit.

We’ve put in the time

We have been defining and shaping the controlled release market for more than 70 years.

Saving you time

We have expedited therapeutic innovations to market with our proven expertise. Join us in revolutionizing controlled release technology for better therapeutic outcomes—and improved quality of life for patients who benefit from transformative APIs, every day.

Our flagship solutions

From our deep portfolio of controlled release formulations and systems, here are our flagship products.


Pioneering Then, Innovating Now

Pioneering innovation is in our DNA. METHOCEL™ is the first HPMC created for the pharma market. METHOCEL™ CR grades are the original controlled release HPMC products designed to deliver consistent drug-release performance. Their range of available molecular weights and customized chemical substitutions are ideal for modulating release of APIs in the body.

Formulators worldwide use METHOCEL™ with confidence when they need excipients that are water soluble, made from natural cellulose, and compatible with a wide range of APIs.

In a steadfast commitment to innovation, METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers remain the top choice for controlled-release matrix formulations. Offering a versatile range of methylcellulose (MC) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) products, METHOCEL™ meets a broad spectrum of formulation characteristics. With a long-standing history of reliability in pharmaceutical applications, it continues to deliver unparalleled efficacy in both solid and liquid dosage forms.


Proven Time After Time

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers stand as durable cornerstones—maintaining their integrity in challenging environments. Not water soluble, ETHOCEL™ excels in barrier coatings that require water resistance.

In critical applications, ETHOCEL™ provides a remarkable film—strong yet flexible—acting as a resilient diffusion barrier. This signature feature ensures that APIs reach their intended destinations intact and deliver medicines precisely when and for how long prescribed.

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymer products are distinguished by their organosolubility, precise specification ranges, and uniform ethoxyl functionality. Renowned as the polymer of choice for coating multi-particulates, ETHOCEL™ is indispensable for attaining modified release and superior taste-masking in various pharmaceutical applications.


Versatile Across Complex and Unique Applications

It’s rare that a substance so unique has so many uses—but that’s the wonder of POLYOX™ polyethylene oxide. It’s our water soluble, free-flowing highly swellable polymer, used in complex drug delivery solutions.

Its unique properties facilitate the development of distinctive drug delivery solutions. Viscosity grades suit a broad array of pharmaceutical applications.

POLYOX™ polyethylene oxide products are recognized for their pivotal role in osmotic pump delivery systems and are equally adept in specialty matrices that demand distinctive characteristics such as high swelling, mucoadhesion, abuse deterrence, and exceptional mechanical strength.

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