IFF Pharma Solutions will shine a light on its technology advancements through its flagship products that demonstrate how timing is everything

NEW YORK —May 15, 2024 — IFF (NYSE: IFF), a global leader in food and beverage, home and personal care and health, today announced a new controlled release platform for its portfolio of controlled release products including METHOCEL™, ETHOCEL™, and POLYOX™. Under the banner, “Timing is Everything,” the platform provides comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical therapies to benefit patients and highlights the importance of controlled release of active ingredients and improving patient compliance. Complete with educational materials for partners, resources, and access to subject matter experts, the platform can be found at pharma.iff.com/controlled-release-platform, where you can also register for an upcoming complimentary educational webinar.

“We are excited to launch the ‘Timing is Everything’ platform, celebrating our portfolio of controlled release products, to further support pharmaceutical formulators and continue providing more effective options for patients,” said Jason Hunt, global strategic marketing manager, IFF Pharma Solutions. “Our experience, knowledge and aptitude for problem-solving help ensure our partners’ therapeutic innovations get to market faster.”

About Controlled Release

Controlled release formulations are particularly beneficial when specificity is needed, including reduced dosing frequency, enhanced safety profiles, and minimized side effects. These benefits contribute to better patient compliance and treatment adherence. As a result, controlled release dosage forms continue to gain prominence as one of the most dynamic delivery systems in the pharmaceutical landscape.

For over 70 years, IFF Pharma Solutions has been a trailblazer in the controlled release domain, continually introducing groundbreaking products that redefine the standards of drug delivery. The company’s signature offerings — METHOCEL™, ETHOCEL™, and POLYOX™ — have not only laid the groundwork for the sector but also persist in propelling forward-thinking solutions to meet intricate drug delivery demands.

METHOCEL™ — Pioneering Then, Innovating Now

In a steadfast commitment to innovation, METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers remain the top choice for controlled-release matrix formulations. Offering a versatile range of methylcellulose (MC) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) products, METHOCEL™ caters to a broad spectrum of formulation characteristics. With a long-standing history of reliability in pharmaceutical applications, it continues to deliver unparalleled efficacy in both solid and liquid dosage forms.

ETHOCEL™ — Proven Time After Time

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymer products are distinguished by their organosolubility, precise specification ranges, and uniform ethoxyl functionality. Renowned as the polymer of choice for coating multi-particulates, ETHOCEL™ is indispensable for attaining modified release and superior taste-masking in various pharmaceutical applications.

POLYOX™ — Versatile Across Complex and Unique Applications

POLYOX™ polyethylene oxide products are recognized for their pivotal role in osmotic pump delivery systems and are equally adept in specialty matrices that demand distinctive characteristics such as high swelling, mucoadhesion, abuse deterrence, and exceptional mechanical strength.

“We are proud to help customers find answers at every turn,” said Paula Garcia Todd, global applications, development and innovation director, IFF Pharma Solutions. “Our passion for perfecting technologies for controlled release—to help improve the quality of patients’ lives— drives us to innovate. As we celebrate our history of leadership, and plan future innovative solutions, we remain focused on what we call our ‘everyday innovations.’ From METHOCEL™ to ETHOCEL™ and POLYOX™, our products offer customized solutions for various release profiles.”

IFF Pharma Solutions will host a webinar titled, “Controlled Release Redefined: The Strategic Use of Excipients in Formulation” on June 12, 2024. The webinar will cover the nuances of controlled release formulations, the influence of excipient physiochemical properties on release performance, and how strategic choices in these properties can help formulators develop distinct controlled release delivery systems. To register, please sign up at the link.

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