An excellent choice for a variety of formulation needs

ETHOCEL™ premium ethylcellulose resins are water-insoluble polymers for modified-release matrix tablets and the coating of tablets and multi-articulate dosage forms. Soluble in a broad range of organic solvents and compatible with most organic solvent chemistries, our ETHOCEL™ portfolio is a first choice for a number of pharmaceutical applications. We also offer several viscosity grades with high-purity – making ETHOCEL™ an excellent option for a variety of unique formulation and processing needs. The fine powder (FP) grades can be compressed to form hydrophobic matrix tablets for oral controlled-release with a non-gel forming mechanism.

Product benefits
  • Excellent film former

  • Creates strong hydrophobic barrier for modified release and taste-masking

  • Tasteless, colorless, odorless and physiologically inert

  • Organo-soluble in a wide variety of solvents

  • Compatible with water-soluble polymers

  • Thermoplastic properties can be optimized for hot-melt extrusion

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Uncover the benefits of our ETHOCEL™ premium ethylcellulose resins for your formulation.

Key applications
  • Modified-release for tablet and multi-particulate formulation
  • Tablet matrix formulation
  • Taste-masking
  • Moisture protection
  • Solvent granulation
  • Hot-melt extrusion
  • Microencapsulation

Product recommendations

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of recommended products or benefits.
**Fine Particle (FP) grades available. Recommended for hydrophobic matrix tablets.


ETHOCEL™ Product Grade

Nominal Viscosity

Recommended Applications

Standard 4


Solvent Granulation

Standard 7**

Standard 10**

Standard 14

Standard 20





Taste Masking, Controlled Release Coating, Moisture Barrier Coating, Hot-melt Extrusion

Standard 45

Standard 100**






Dry Powder Coating

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