Gummy formulations powered by nature

Gummy formats are rapidly becoming a preferred dosage format for consumers looking to support their active, on-the-go regimes with convenient and tasty nutritional supplements. Simultaneously, demand for plant-based ingredients and solutions is growing, powered by the rise in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and more environmentally conscious mindsets.

Unlock a supplement solution that taps into both these preferences with IFF’s Pharma Solutions. We can help you create gummies that consumers desire with customized texture and sugar-free plant-based gummy options. With extensive expertise in gummy formulation and a pioneering portfolio of nature-sourced ingredients, we can address some of the toughest technical challenges in gummy development – ensuring you get a solution that delivers the best taste, texture and nutrient delivery, every time.

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Plant-based gummies

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GRINDSTED® Pectin Premium Grades

Used at low concentrations of 1–2%, these premium pectin ingredients support the development of healthy gummies with a clean bite, excellent flavor release and outstanding temperature stability. Low sugar or no sugar gummies can be formulated by choosing the right grade and process. Setting time and texture can be tailored to the process needs and consumer preferences.


Seaweed extracts used in plant-based gummies to provide a firm texture and clean bite. Gelcarin® supports flexible pH range and thermo-reversible gelation behavior; allowing rework of the gummy mass by re-introducing heat


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

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