IFF’s commitment to sustainability: The Do More Good Plan

At IFF, we lead the way in addressing the growing demand for sustainable innovation. That’s why we’re taking bold actions to protect our planet for future generations. The Do More Good Plan is our environmental, social and governance – plus sustainable solutions – (or ESG+) roadmap that activates our purpose of applying science and creativity for a better world. Supported by a set of ambitious 2030 targets that aim to influence industry-wide change toward sustainable development, our strategy comprises four key pillars:

  • Sustainable Solutions to help our customers achieve their own ESG goals
  • Climate & Planetary Health to lead on climate action and promote regenerative ecosystems
  • Equity & Wellbeing to support our communities and ensure our people are safe and can bring their authentic selves to work
  • Transparency & Accountability to reflect our strong corporate governance commitment
IFF’s Pharma Solutions: elevating sustainability in healthcare

We have set ambitious goals as part of our Pharma Solutions sustainability strategy to become a global sustainability leader in the excipients and specialty solutions arena. Our strategy is supported by collaboration with suppliers and customers, innovation of patient-friendly and sustainable solutions, and climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To accelerate the route towards a more sustainable and healthy future, our goals include:

  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in production at Pharma Solutions sites
  • Elevating plant-based and patient-friendly solutions in oral delivery forms (including tablet coatings, gummies, oral films, vegetarian capsules, and smaller tablets)
  • Bringing benefits of seaweed-based products to customers
Seaweed Responsible Sourcing Program: Protecting oceans and communities

As one of the largest global buyers and harvesters of seaweed for alginates and carrageenan, we are dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems and the people who depend on our oceans. Our Seaweed Responsible Sourcing Program (SRPR) supports seaweed farmers and the performance of our seaweed cultivation and harvesting processes through innovation and scientific knowledge. Our portfolio of seaweed extracts allows us to solve our customers’ formulation challenges with high-quality and eco-friendly solutions.

IFF partners with NGO Bellona to restore Norwegian seaweed forests

IFF is proud to partner with Bellona, an environmental non-governmental organization, on the Norwegian Marine Restoration Project (NoMaRe) to restore the seaweed forest along the Norwegian coastline. The project aims to reduce worldwide emissions, create sustainable jobs and promote environmentally friendly products on a global scale. This collaboration is an example of how businesses, NGOs, research communities and governments can work together to champion sustainability.

IFF is committed to doing more good and giving back to the communities in which we work and live. We look forward to contributing to research, restoration measures and awareness, to identify and promote environmentally sustainable solutions.

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Have questions about our sustainability strategy or want to learn more about our Do More Good Plan? Get in touch!


Have questions about our sustainability strategy or want to learn more about our Do More Good Plan? Get in touch!