Our polymer alginate portfolio for a broad range of pharmaceutical applications

Alginates are natural polymers extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their unique properties and superior performance. They enable viscosity in solutions and form a three-dimensional gel in the presence of calcium ions. This distinctive functionality supports a diverse range of applications, such as controlled release. Alginates can also function as active pharmaceutical ingredients in anti-reflux products.

Our alginate family of products – including Protanal®, Manucol® and Protacid® – are extracted from sustainably-harvested seaweed. Backed by years of expertise in this field, our alginates maximize yield and ensure batch-to-batch consistency. We offer a variety of viscosities and gel strengths to deliver specific gelling, stabilizing and thickening properties.

Product benefits
  • Cold and hot water solubility

  • Viscosity, gelation and rheology-modification at low concentration

  • Gelation with calcium source (no need for heat treatment i.e. cold-gelling)

  • Suspending agent

  • Water-binding / high water retention efficiency

  • Film-forming

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Key applications
  • Anti-reflux

  • Controlled-release dosage forms

  • Enteric coatings

  • Microencapsulation

  • Stabilization in solutions and suspensions

Product recommendations

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of recommended products or benefits

Alginates: Protanal, Manucol and Protacid






Protanal® LFR 5/60

Protacid® F120NM

Sodium alginate

Alginic acid

Premier raft formation in liquid products

Alginic acid form for chewable products

Controlled Release

Protanal® CR 8133

Manucol® LKX

Protanal® CR 8233

Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate

Lowest viscosity grade

Medium viscosity grade

Highest viscosity grade

Solid Dispersion

Protanal® LFR 5/60

Sodium alginate

Stabilizes crystalline dispersions and improves wettability

Nano-suspension Stabilizer

Protanal® LFR 5/60

Sodium alginate

Steric and electrostatic stabilizing effects

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