A first choice super disintegrant for the pharmaceutical industry

Reduce costs and complexity with Ac-Di-Sol® Croscarmellose Sodium – the industry-leading, super disintegrant for pharmaceutical applications. An internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Na CMC), Ac-Di-Sol® is an insoluble and hydrophilic polymer with excellent water uptake and rapid swelling properties; supporting faster disintegration and drug dissolution at lower use levels (1-2%).

Offering broad functionality, our Ac-Di-Sol® additives can be applied to a number of standard and challenging processes – like direct compression, dry and wet granulation and continuous manufacturing. Ac-Di-Sol® is first choice of disintegrant for multiple dosage forms, such as granules, tablets, including chewable and ODT tablets, capsules, and more. Ac-Di-Sol® exhibits consistent attributes, including fibrous morphology, low moisture content, water-soluble content and impurity levels, bringing robust and reliable performance, every time.

Product benefits
  • Super disintegrant
  • Superior performance at lower concentration
  • High-purity
  • Broad functionality
  • Improved cost performance
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Key applications
  • Disintegrant for immediate release formulations

Product recommendations

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Recommended Grades

Differentiating Features

Ac-Di-Sol® SD-711 croscarmellose sodium

Premium grade for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement applications

Ac-Di-Sol® SDW-802 croscarmellose sodium

Non-GMO* regulatory status for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

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We can help you along your product development process. Contact us to start your journey to success.