Maximize the success of your tablet dosage form with an expert in advanced excipients

Did you know that two-thirds of all medications are oral solid dosage forms – and about 50% of these are tablets? IFF’s Pharma Solutions is a pioneer in excipients, and today, one in three tablets contain our ingredients.

Although they might look simple, tablets are complex pharmaceutical formulations requiring quality excipient solutions to support a number of functionalities, including powder flowability, binding, compaction, lubrication, anti-adherence, disintegration and dissolution. Our extensive family of advanced excipient ingredients can provide all of these attributes, and more. As the first manufacturer to develop cutting-edge excipient solutions for tablet formats, we’ve got the deep expertise and decades of experience needed to guarantee success in tablet innovations, every time.

We can help you choose the best excipient for your API, tablet type, desired release profile and manufacturing process.



Conventional tablet formulation


Functionality and Manufacturing Process

Product Recommendation

Binder and compression aid

Avicel® PH-101, 103, 113, 102, 112, 200, 200LM, 105 Avicel® SMCC, DG, CE-15

High shear wet granulation

Avicel® PH 101, PH 301, Avicel® SMCC 50

Direct compression and dry granulation

Avicel® PH 102, PH 302, Avicel® DG, Avicel® SMCC 90, SMCC 90 HD

Direct compression and dry granulation for moisture sensitive API

Avicel® PH 112, and PH 200LM

Extrusion spheronization

Avicel® PH 101

Wet binder

METHOCEL™ Premium LV Grades

METHOCEL™ Premium VLV Grades

Controlled release functionality



Ac-Di-Sol® Grades



Aesthetic coating

METHOCEL™ Premium LV Grades

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Learn more about how we can support your formulation.