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Multiparticulate dosage forms can deliver unique drug release profiles – including combinations of immediate, extended, and delayed drug release – in one single dose. The key to success in multiparticulate drug delivery is uniformity of particulate size and surface area.

IFF’s Pharma Solutions offers a wide selection of multi-functional excipient solutions for multiparticulate formulations, backed by deep polymer expertise and technical capabilities. We can help you unlock the functionality and variety you want in your multiparticulate formula – including helping you achieve the desired drug dissolution.



Recommended Products


Avicel® PH spheres produced via extrusion spheronization

Drug layering binder

METHOCEL™ E3, E5, E6 or VLV Premium

Modified release

Solvent Based

ETHOCEL™ Std 4, 7, 10, 14 Premium

Water Based

Aquacoat® ECD-30, CPD-30

Dry Powder



ETHOCEL™ Std 45, 100 Premium

Tableting cushioning compression aid

Avicel® PH 200, 200 LM

Avicel® SMCC 90, 90 HD


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of recommended products or benefits.

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Learn more about how we can support your formulation.