Discover the power of seaweed for delayed-release nutritional solutions

Aquateric® N100 is our alginate-based coating system for improved nutritional ingredient delivery. Designed to protect nutraceutical ingredients in the stomach, Aquateric® N100 supports nutritional applications requiring delayed-release properties and an enhanced consumer sensory experience.

We are a leading supplier of alginate, with extensive capabilities backed by decades of technical expertise. Our plant-based alginate technology harnesses the power of natural resources from the sea – brown seaweed – to deliver maximum functionality, strength and flexibility to delayed-release nutritional products. It is also easy-to-use; enabling the efficient and simplified coating of dietary supplements – helping to reduce costs and time, without compromising on quality.

Why not combine with SeaGel® – our technology for superior vegan softgels, efficiency and versatility used by many brands globally for non-gelatin soft capsules – to optimize your coating application?

Product benefits
  • Maximum functionality for delayed release solutions

  • Supports formulation of clean-label food products

  • Non-GMO*

  • Improved sensory experience

  • Simplified manufacturing process

  • Cost-efficient

    *Different definitions may apply. Please contact us for further information. 


Our vast portfolio of solutions for the dietary supplement space is backed by decades of expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges you face. Download our brochure to find a functional ingredient that works for you.

Solutions we deliver
  • Tablets

  • Hard capsules

  • Soft capsules

Product Recommendations*

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

Aquateric N100

Recommended Grades



Aquateric® N100


Hard capsules

Soft capsules

Sustainable and plant-based coating solutions that improve nutritional ingredient delivery and meets dietary supplement enteric disintegration technical requirements.

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We can help you along your product development process. Contact us to start your journey to success.


We can help you along your product development process. Contact us to start your journey to success.