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With a growing preference towards non-GMO, nature-based and sustainably sourced ingredients, the pressure is on to deliver plant-based dietary supplement formulations that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is a superlative and extensively used ingredient alternative to gelatin. As well as meeting consumer demands for green, non-animal products, HPMC delivers on the promise of improved physical stability and lower moisture content. This makes it an ideal solution for manufacturers that need a capsule which will protect hygroscopic and moisture sensitive ingredients.

IFF’s Pharma Solutions has decades of experience in METHOCEL™ polymer science and in the dietary supplement arena. We understand what it takes to create exceptional plant-based capsules that meet the latest consumer desires. Inspired to switch from gelatin to a nature-based vegetarian alternative, like HPMC? We can help you make the transition with ease, speed and confidence.

Vegetarian hard capsules

Our Solution*



Non-GMO, cellulose-derived shell former for vegetarian hard capsules that are resistant to heat and humidity conditions and exhibit no cross-linking

Aquateric® N100

Sustainable, plant-based coating of hard capsules for improved nutritional ingredient delivery and enteric disintegration


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Please note that regional differences in applicable laws and regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements or different terminology definitions may apply. Please contact us for further information.

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