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Tablets are one of the most popular nutrient delivery formats on the market – and it’s easy to see why when you consider the unique benefits that they bring for consumers and formulators alike. But tablet developers are faced with increasing pressure to deliver differentiated products in a crowded marketplace, which can often present formulation challenges. Our ingredients can help to improve tablet manufacturing efficiency and enhance quality and convenience e.g., by supporting the formulation of immediate, delayed and slow-release tablets.

Chewable tablets are also a common dietary supplement format that offer many advantages over conventional capsules and tablets – including being more user-friendly and convenient, and a solution that most consumers prefer to take. However, chewable tablet formulations bring their challenges too, mainly related to taste and texture.

Orally disintegrating tablets: Did you know that up to 15 million adults in the US alone have been diagnosed with dysphagia (otherwise referred to as difficulty swallowing)?* Traditional tablets and capsules are usually an unviable option for these consumers – limiting their supplement format choice and potentially affecting their health and wellness.

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Introducing orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) – a unique and cost-effective format that disintegrates immediately on the tongue to release nutritional ingredients.
A convenient format that requires no water to consume, ODTs are perfect for adults with dysphagia, as well as consumers who want an on-the-go nutritional solution that will help them meet their health goals.

IFF’s Pharma Solutions can help you enhance your tablet supplement formulation, increase manufacturing efficiency and unlock the best sensory experience and nutrient delivery.


Our Solution*


Avicel® / Endurance® MCC

Cellulose-based fillers and binders enabling high efficiency tableting processes, capsule filling and improved tablet properties

Ac-Di-Sol® / Accelerate®

Premium, non-GMO, cellulose-based superdisintegrant for faster disintegration and dissolution at low use levels*

Aquacoat® ECD

Aqueous dispersion for sustained-release coating and taste-masking

Aquateric® N100

Sustainable, plant-based coating for improved nutritional ingredient delivery, consumer experience and enteric release

Avicel® CE-15

Customized cellulose-based binder for chewable tablets with a creamier mouthfeel; improves sensory attributes by reducing grittiness, tooth packing and friability

Avicel® SMCC 

Tailored, specialty cellulose-based binders for easier processing of powders, better flow and superior compactability enabling smaller tablets


Cellulose-derived granulation binder for improved tablet integrity and appearance; coating solutions for taste-masking and controlled-release


Natural, clean label red seaweed extract used to impart slow-release functionality


Derived from cellulose and commonly used for tablet coatings for improved swallowability, product differentiation and superior taste-masking; and to impart controlled, slow-release


Plant-based, non-GMO, clean-label tablet coatings for enteric release and immediate release applications


*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of products. Regional regulations may restrict the use of certain products in dietary supplements. Please contact us for further information.

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